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Datuk Prof. Syed Othman Alhabshi - Program Advisor
Dr. Ashraful Mobin — Director

Our Story

iHALAQA provides a platform for students to learn and for teachers to teach. Our solutions aim to empower people with the right know-how and groom to unleash their inner potential. We have the ability and passion to acclimatise the most recent advancements in the market. In this era of information and technology we are striving to make impact through the integration of intelligence.

Our mission is to be the conduit to maintain the flow of knowledge and information around the globe.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

iFINTELL instructors are the industry leaders, senior academician and the policy makers.

Prof. Ahmed Mabrouk

AI Scientist, from Malaysia

Engr. Nirbhay Mathur

Data Scientist, from India

Dr. Hazik Mohamed

FinTech & Blockchain Expert, from Singapore

Dr. Roslan Nagayev

Econometrics & Data Analysis Expert, from Russia.

Imad Al Fadali

Social Finance Expert, from Netherlands. 

Dr. Ahcene Lahasana

Islamic FinTech and Islamic Finance Expert, from Malaysia

Dr. Jamal Nasser

Innovation Expert, from Malaysia. 

Salman Abdul Rahman

Islamic Finance Expert, from Malaysia

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What Our Clients Have to Say

I have attended the full portfolio offered be iFINTELL. All Basics and Advanced modules. The right content and in right speed with great instructors. Thank you again for your great services.
Dr. Ramazan Yildirim
From Germany, Upsite Consulting
iFINTELL team has good skills and I myself benefited from attending these workshops. Team iFINTELL has taken a good initiative to fill the gap in the market and wish them asl the best.
Prof. Kabir Hassan
From USA, Professor of Finance
What you are doing today workshop for Quantile is really good! In my 30 years as an academician, this is the first time I am attending a workshop on quantile. So far no one, not even one, has done Quantile regression. I hope in the future if you spared the news the students will not miss the opportunity.
Prof. Muzaffar Shah Habibullah
From Malaysia, Professor of Economics
The workshop was good, and trainers actually knew what they were taking about. The most important thing about the trainer was the fact that he is able to explain and answer all the questions were asked to him. Since it was really very practical and hands-on, I can immediately as early as I can use it today.
Dr. Prakash V. Arumugam
From Malaysia, Dean, Wawasan Open University